Calling Out to Partners…


The Affiliates Program

Mathot Consulting is searching for partners to help extend the reach of AusIndustry’s R&D grant program.

We are interested in speaking with tax agents, accountants, venture capitalists, fellow consultants and like minded individuals that want to make a big difference to the cash flow of their clients, colleagues and friends.


Last year 7,000+ Australian businesses applied for the government’s R&D Tax Incentive grant.  This reflects a considerable upsurge in the rate of participation from the previous year.

Despite this growth, many more thousands of Australian businesses missed out on the grant because they could not find the time, expertise, resources or knowledge to make a reputable submission to AusIndustry.

We want to correct this imbalance by reaching out to businesses and providing services that result in successful R&D grant applications.

How we fit in


Mathot Consulting has a proud R&D track record. We have over 15+ years and 100% success rate in obtaining R&D grants for our clients.


We validate the science, establish compliance measures and compose the R&D submission on behalf of the client, using our scientific expertise and business acumen.


Once the R&D grant is approved, we forward project expenditure to the client’s tax agent so they may independently process the grant refund with the ATO.

How you fit in – Affiliate Rewards

We offer substantial finders fees for business introductions that lead to R&D Tax Incentive grants.

Why not leverage our expertise to establish stronger ties with your clients, and tap into our rewarding affiliates program?

By increasing the scope of advice provided to your clients, you automatically strengthen and increase their reliance on your existing services.

Want to know more?

Feel free to contact us for further information. We are only one step away!